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Common Issues

At Bolingbrook Water Restoration, we have helped countless customers find the help they need to deal with all too common issues like water damage, roof leaks, RV floods, and more. If you need help finding affordable, trusted water restoration services in the Bolingbrook area, you have come to the perfect place! Give us a call today to request a free quote!


Water Damage Behind Shower Wall

When the caulk between your bathtub and shower tile gets worn out over the years, water can find its way behind your shower wall, potentially causing massive damage in your bathroom! Over time, you could find yourself with drywall damage and potential mold growth in your bathroom. If you think there might be water damage behind your shower wall, act quickly and schedule an appointment with a Bolingbrook water mitigation expert today!

Fire And Water Restoration

If you recently experienced a fire at your property in Bolingbrook, you are definitely going to need fire and water restoration services as quickly as possible. Most people don’t realize that the damage of a fire can continue even after a fire is put out: smoke particles and soot can leave lasting damage, and if there is standing water left after a fire, you can end up with water stains or even mold.

Repair Water Damaged Bathroom Vanity

When a bathtub leaks or a toilet sprays water all over your bathroom, you can end up with all kinds of water damage in your home. Because bathroom vanities are typically in close proximity to the bathtub and toilet, vanities rarely escape the consequences of water leaks. Fortunately, our team at Bolingbrook Water Restoration can help with every stage of water damage mitigation – including repairing damaged bathroom vanities.

Bathtub Leaking From Faucet

Bathtub leaks are unfortunately more common than you might think. Cracked pipes, aged washers, and worn grout can all lead to faucet leaks in the bathtub. Although there is usually a relatively simple fix, the consequences of a water leak in the bathroom can be dire. If a leaky tub or toilet has caused water damage in your space, don’t wait a moment longer to get help!

Leaking Tub Faucet

Faucet leaks can escalate very quickly. What seems like a minor drip from your bathtub can turn into a bathroom flood in no time. If left unresolved, a leaking tub faucet can cause massive flooding that could potentially leave water stains on your floor or create a breeding ground for black mold. Get an expert on the job to resolve water leaks in your home today!

Running Toilets

There are several issues that can cause a toilet to keep running, even when it isn’t being used. Not only can running toilets waste a lot of water, but if a toilet keeps running, the water can flood the tank and cause a bathroom flood. If you are dealing with a running toilet, leaking toilet, or a toilet that starts spraying water, there is no time to lose. Call Bolingbrook Water Restoration for 24/7 help.

Toilet Leaking At Base

If the seal underneath your toilet fails, water can start leaking out from the base of your toilet. Before you know it, you could end up with a flood in your bathroom! If your toilet leaks from the base or the tank bolts, you might think the problem will be solved once you get a plumber, but you could end up with lasting water damage. Fortunately, we can get you the help you need.

Toilet Leaking From Tank Bolts

Issues with washers can cause a toilet to start leaking from its tank bolts. Unfortunately, a toilet leak from the base or tank bolts can cause devastating water damage that sticks around long after the leak is fixed. If you need help dealing with water stains or mold growth from a toilet leak, don’t hesitate to call our team of water restoration experts today!

Toilet Spraying Water

Broken fill valves, issues with water supply lines, and other plumbing problems can cause a toilet to start spraying water seemingly out of nowhere. Even if you manage to get the water valve turned off right away, the water damage can be severe. If you don’t address the issue quickly, you could end up with a nightmare scenario like black mold on your floors. Luckily, we can dispatch a water restoration team to your property right away.


Mold isn’t just disgusting; it’s also dangerous to your health! And unfortunately, whenever there is a water leak or flood, there is a good chance that mold will grow if the damage isn’t dealt with quickly. Fortunately, whether you are trying to prevent mold growth or deal with an existing mold problem in your house, Bolingbrook Water Restoration is here for you!

Common Issues

Did you know that water stains can become permanent if they are left too long? That’s why you should never wait when you have water damage in your home! As soon as you become aware of a water stain, call our Bolingbrook water restoration specialists to assess the damage and prevent any lasting consequences!

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